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Free Argentine Tango Class in Amsterdam

When you move to a new city, making new friends can be hard.

It took you years to make friends back at home. Many of those came from school.

But now you have to start from zero.

You can go out with your colleagues, but you already spend all your time with them. And chances are you don’t even like them.

But you don’t have any other option.

There are many events you can attend. But walking up to talk to someone can be daunting. What do you even say to break the ice?

Sure, you go, but you stay in a corner for the whole evening checking Facebook on your phone.

And when you get home, you feel like you wasted an evening.

And let’s not even talk about those clubs with loud music. They are packed with people and you cannot even hear the name of the people you want to talk to.

No one is there to talk, anyway.

How are you supposed to meet people in such places?

What if you are also looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend? How do you create any connection? Just forget it.

For those of us who prefer to have good conversations with others, it looks like there is no alternative.

But actually, there is.

Social dances like tango were created exactly to make people meet.

In fact, it was thanks to the migrants that needed to meet new people that tango was born in Buenos Aires.

Today people in most countries in the world come to tango to make new friends and sometimes even to find a life partner.

We are starting new tango classes for expats in Amsterdam. If this sounds good to you, read on.

Social dancing is not what you see in shows. Tango actually happens in places where the music allows conversation and you can sit at a table with friends and have some drinks.

Tango helps you:

  • meet new people, both in classes and in dancing nights, even if you come completely alone. No more nights out with colleagues you don’t like
  • find that someone you are looking for, with whom you already share some interest. Enough with the loud clubs that don’t let you build a connection with anybody
  • gain confidence in approaching people, even if shy or introverted. In tango you don’t need clever lines to break the ice. Just invite someone to dance!
  • improve your body coordination and posture. Tango is made to dance socially, you don’t need to be a performer to enjoy a night out dancing

Join us for a free class where you can learn your first steps.

The class will be taught by a world renowned couple of tango dancers and teachers, with decades of experience and an international network.

Joining is very simple:

  • the first class is completely free;
  • just come alone if you don’t have a partner. You will meet people in the class. But if you can bring friends along too;
  • you don’t need any special clothing or shoes. Just dress comfortably. You won’t have to to do big movements. You can just dress for an evening out with friends;
  • don’t worry if you feel stiff or you feel you can’t dance. We all started like that and you can improve in a few lessons. Tango is not based on complex steps, but on moving together;
  • don’t be afraid if you think you have no sense of rhythm. Tango music has a simple structure anyone can get. Remember that this is a social dance made to bring people together.

Since the space in our studio is limited, RSVP if you want a spot.