workshops in amsterdam – dive deep

Saturday the 22nd of June 2019 we’ll dive deep into a tango subject. Together we dissect technique into building blocks for you to use in your own way.

First workshop

We study individual technical mechanisms (structure, body weight, dissociation, posture, rhythmic structure, melodic phrases, embraces) to deepen the understanding of how this dance works.

Second workshop

We practically apply above mentioned theory and technique, using a sequence of tango elements (like sacadas, boleos, ganchos, barridas, shared and out of axis movements and walking) to broaden the understanding of how this dance works.

Guided práctica

The idea is to practice what has been covered during the workshops and research and experiment with the mechanisms. Explore, try variations, exchange ideas to develop your own dance.

Join us and secure your spot

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Het Open Huis
Bilderdijkpark 12A
1052SC Amsterdam

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