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tango&core is dedicated to let you dance Argentine tango as quickly as possible. Your body is different, your personality is different. You get instructions personally made for you.


Boost your tango

Boost your base

A blend of traditional way of learning with modern way of teaching. Based on the practice of repeating specific exercises, a deeper understanding of tango and skill will develop.

You will improve your tango with exercises that go to the core of the dance. At each level the same exercises get more challenging, benefitting dancers of all levels, beginners and professionals alike.
With the advantage of the mixed levels we can support and inspire each other, drawing on individual experiences. For a more complete comprehension of the dance you will also explore the opposite role.
Tango does not only consist of movements. We will set it in cultural and historical perspective.

  • Time: 19:30 – 21:00
  • Price: €15 per person (práctica included)
  • Come by yourself or as a couple
  • For all levels

Guided práctica

Originally the práctica in tango is a place for exploration, not just dancing.
By stopping the circulation on the dance floor, you are encouraged to work on movements, dynamics, listen to the music, ask questions, discuss with each other, switch partners, practise by yourself etc. This way dancers understand better how tango works. Here it is easier to search and develop your own personality in the dance.
An intimate atmosphere works well for this concept. We will work with a small group. Limited availability.

  • Time: 21:00-00:00
  • Price: €5 per person
  • Come by yourself or as a couple
  • For all levels


BuurtgebouwHDK (house ON the square)
Henrik de Keijserplein 45
1073 SW Amsterdam

What you'll

Private classes

Want to learn faster, focus on specific technique, have your first dance at your wedding be a tango? Book a private lesson!

crossOver workshops

Tango teachers have different approaches to the dance. Sometimes we invite inspiring teachers to share their teaching methods. Teachers we collaborated with are Sebastián Arce, Juan Ruggieri & Bárbara Wainnright, Lucas Molina Gazcon & Judit Somos, Sebastián Achaval & Roxana Suarez, Octavio Fernandez & Carla Marano, Donato Juárez & Carolina del Rivero and Matias Facio.

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